Canadian Degree Program

What is Canadian Degree Program?

It is a great opportunity to get OSSD “Ontario Secondary School Diploma” for international students who are in the last year of secondary school or already graduated from secondary school from their home country school. OSSD is an equivalent to international high school diploma that students may apply for many different colleges and universities around the world such as European countries, UK, and USA.

At CZSCANADA ZOOM SCHOOL” we prepare international students for their future careers in Business, Science including Computer Science and Engineering including Software Engineering industries.

We strive to provide all students with a differentiated and personalized learning environment. We strongly believe that providing students with opportunities to engage in areas of personal interest and differentiating curriculum to meet their learning styles ensures success and a love of lifelong learning.

Canadian Degree Program - 3 Years

Canadian Degree Program- 4 Years

Who Can Apply for Canadian Degree Program

  • All international students who are already graduated from their home country
  • All international students who are in the last year of the secondary school with ILETS 6.0 and GPA course credit summary 4.4

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