Why Us

CANADA ZOOM SCHOOL accepts applications directly from interested families, and also works with recruitment agencies to ensure successful placements into our program.

Our curriculum is built on the foundation of four core subjects: Math, Science, Computers, and English. With these four subjects acting as a foundation, our curriculum then expands to include other necessary subjects such as Information & Communication Technology, Writers Craft, World Issues, and Business & Accounting.

Each students schedule will be customized based on their future goals and aspirations.

Who Are Our Ideal Students

  • International Students who want to study All School Subjects in English such as Math, Science, Marketing, Business, and Programming
  • Students who would like to attend University or College in Canada, US, and UK in a Same Year of High School Graduation
  • Students who want to Save One Year to Attend US Universities or Two Years for UK Universities AND Save At Least $30,000.00 for Post-secondary Education
  • Students who would like to stay with their families and friends up to High School Graduation
  • Students who cannot travel to Canada due to COVID-19
  • Students who wants to get both diplomas from home school and Canadian school
  • Students dreaming about Studying, Working, and Living in First World Countries like Canada, US, and UK


  • 100% University Acceptance
  • Networking with intelligent and successful students
  • Graduates will receive OSSD High School Diploma
  • Emphasis on English and core subjects of Math, Science, Technology and Business
  • Advanced course content to better prepare for University
  • Extended school hours and after school programs for busy students
  • Ministry of Education approved courses
  • Extensive Extra-curricular Activities

Start From Home And Finish in Canada