About Us

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CZS is a Canadian Private School providing Online and On-site educational services across Ontario and around the globe. Canada Zoom School is an accredited private school granting OSSD credits through the Ontario Ministry of Education (BISD# 665178). We operate face-to-face virtual classrooms every day for Middle and High school students.


Why CZS is Unique

While many organizations and eLearning institutions might naturally assume that the most important aspect of any educational platform is the content, we believe in face-to-face communication in our virtual classrooms.

Live online learning is a form of learning that takes place at a scheduled event or time. The student is online at the same time as the instructor and other students. In this instance, the teacher or instructor is playing an important role in the learning process. In fact, the teacher is the one who generally sets the pace and distributes the information, as well as provides instructions for the students.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with live online learning:

  • More comfortable learning environment
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • More interaction and greater ability to concentrate
  • Avoid commuting
  • Improve your technical skills