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Canada Zoom School' primary target is international students. Having over 15 years of experience in educational services, Rutherford Private School is one of the most prestigious private schools in Ontario, Canada, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. One may say that international students in this way can kill two birds with one stone: first, they can see their future in the most prestigious colleges and universities by receiving a Canadian diploma, and second, they can go through the process of PR (Permanent Residency) much more quickly. 

By enrolling your children in online courses of the Canada Zoom School and obtaining a Canadian diploma, prepare them to enter prestigious colleges and universities of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe and secure a bright professional and academic future for your children. 

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Dual Degree Program


Future Investment


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Our Services

Having different grades (7-12), CZS covers a broad range of students. In Grades 7-8, we will be focused on ESL courses, English As A Second Language, which prepares students to attend the main high school courses. In Garde 9-11, we offer some core high school courses, including Math, English, Computer Programming, and Technology. And finally, in Grade 12, students will be prepared to attend the university by presenting six university prerequisite courses.

ESL Credits

Grades 7-8

Preparation for English Speaking High Schools & Universities

High School Credits

Grades 9-11

Great opportunity for international students who would like to get OSSD

University Pathway

Grade 12

Preparing Students for Getting Admission to Prestigious Universities 


A 100% Guarantee of Student’s Admission to College or University.

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Why Families Choose CZS

Are you looking to get ahead and accelerate educational opportunities for your child?

Certified Teachers

All our ESL Teachers are Certified with “TESL Canada” and “TESL Ontario.”

Save Money

Being Graduated Online while Sitting at Home with Your Family.

Save Time

Being Admitted to a College or University in the Same year of High School Graduation with Being Our Grade 12 Student.

University Success

Providing Students with the Knowledge and Skills needed to Meet Entrance Requirements for Most College Programs.

Unique Opportunity To Start working In Canada

After The University Graduation

International students have the opportunity to work during their studies and after they graduate. University graduates may also be eligible to transition to permanent residence in Canada. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for more information.


OSSD: Ontario Secondary School Diploma




Study Permit


Permanent Resident Card


Canadian Passport


Work Permit

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What our Students are saying:


Great Experienced, Amazing Results

I loved getting to know people from different countries, different languages and cultures. I also loved being in a small school because I was able to ask teachers questions anytime. As well as all the teachers, the principal and my friends were caring which made me feel comfortable being at the Canada Zoom School.

Arta | Grade 12 | Iran


Leading to Big Success

Studying at CZS this year has been incredible.  The teachers at this school have really helped me in all of my classes and they have put in the extra effort to make sure I did well in their class.

Sarah | Grade 10 | Singapore


At Canada Zoom School, we conduct live online classes to the utmost quality. We aim to provide a rich, knowledge-based and encouraging environment for our students. Students attend classes in person and online at regularly scheduled times during school hours as usual. All class activities, including group work and class discussions, will be held virtually and in-person (for those who reside in Ontario, Canada). Students are also able to fulfill their educational aims and activities like group discussions, writing projects, and testing alongside their teachers and classmates.

They also can reach their teachers via Zoom on a daily basis. Open continuous communication between parents and teachers is a crucial aspect of our learning process. Parents can follow and also be involved with their children’s progress via Google Classroom, which includes assignments, group discussions, and reading materials. Furthermore, updates on attendance will be reported regularly to parents through the Classe365 platform.

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Our Great Features

CZS is a fully registered online high school delivering live, real-time teaching to students right in their own homes.

  • Virtual Zoom Classes and Google Chat Platforms
  • Each student will be equipped with a Tablet Pen
  • Providing EDX Platform online courses by Harvard and MIT
  • Video-recorded Classes & Microsoft/Online Whiteboard

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get the right educational services which is promised by CZS, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Igor Sarjinsky

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start from any time?

Yes. Please reach out to our Enrolment Team to create a plan that ensures the student is able to catch up on missed classes.

What does real-time, live teaching mean?

Experienced teachers will teach all classes in real-time. This means you can ask questions, discuss issues and receive feedback. Classes can be interactive with follow-up tutoring and video presentations.

CZS classes are limited to 10 students to ensure engagement and interaction.

What sort of equipment is required, including the minimum specification required of a PC?

A list of hardware requirements will be provided to each student upon enrolment. As a general rule, a laptop that is less than 3 years old should be fine for CZS. Students may opt to purchase additional gear, such as headsets, electronic pen, and webcams to enrich their online experience.

A minimum internet connection speed of 800kpbs (up/down) is required. To share and view 1080p HD video quality, we recommend 2.0Mbps (up/down).

After I graduate from CZS, can I go to university in the US, UK or any other countries?

Yes, you will be well prepared to apply to enter any university in the world. As always, university entrance is competitive and successful entry will be dependent on not only a successful academic background but a breadth of co-curricular activity, which is encouraged and supported at CZS.

What if I miss a live class?

All students must attend classes. However, if this is not possible for an acceptable and valid reason, all lessons are recorded and so it is possible for students to access missed classes.

How long does each real-time, live teaching session last?

Classes will be a maximum of 60 minutes per session.

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