Admission Process

The CZS offers comprehensive support to international students and a full range of academic, language and elective courses.


Application Process

Step 1: Students submit application form, application fee, copy of passport /birth certificate, recent 2-year official transcripts and recommendation letter to for evaluation, either by mail or email. All documents must be in PDF format.

Step 2: Successful applicants receive Official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for use when applying for a Study Permit and Visa to Canada.

Document Check List

The following documents are mandatory at time of submitting the application:

  1. Completed, Signed and Dated Application Form (Please download from our website)
  2. Copy of passport (photo page) or Birth Certificate
  3. Copy of Completed, Signed and Dated Letter of Recommendation (Please download from our website)
  4. Copy of Most recent two-year transcripts or school report cards (certified or notarized)
  5. Application Fee (Bank Draft, or Wire Transfer Reference Sheet)

Set Up a Video Interview

We require an interview with every prospective student. The purpose of the interview is to assess your command of English as well as getting to know you to  create your academic plan.